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Migrating to Posterous

Hi All,

We are moving our TRImagination Blog from here to Posterous: because we really don’t have a ton of time for the slowness of Tumblr. We did a couple of tests and Posterous is just faster and more reliable. No offense to the good people at Tumblr. I’ll be leaving this blog up so people can locate our new blog.

Make sure to update you links:





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TheProducer is currently featured on

The Producer (Blog | Video)

TheProducer is currently featured on

The Producer (Blog | Video)

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Check out all of the Android Apps developers are starting to create with Flash CS5 & Adobe AIR for Android

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TheProducer (AIR for Android) on the Nexus One

As many have heard & we have noted here (How Apple Sucker Punched Us…), it appears Apple is going to block the development of iPhones with Flash CS5. We believe where one door closes, another one will always open. Adobe has opened that door with AIR for Android. Just like you could have created apps with the Flash CS5 iPhone Packager, they’ve built “AIR for Android”! It allows developers to create native Android apps using Adobe technology. We will fill you in on more details about the technology soon, but for now…. it is with great pleasure we present our first preview of TheProducer Android App, developed with Adobe’s AIR for Android technology!!!

Long live Android! Long live Adobe!

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Upcoming Attractions….

Hi, this is Harry. I’m a co-founder along with Lee here at TRImagination. My primary responsibility is working with authors and users within the publishing platform, along with the collaborative work of exploring the next stage of media technologies and culture.

Just Imagine…..

  • A publishing platform that is fully interactive with users
  • In multiple languages focused in on regional cultural differences
  • Content that is uniquely designed for each user
  • On any screen, anywhere (Apple not so much—see below)
  • Running on the upcoming, truly fabulous Adobe Air 2 platform
  • User customized templates and features

Coming in July: TheProducer

  • A mobile guide to storytelling, shooting, audio recording, lighting, editing, and social marketing/distribution
  • With interactive Q&A, MediaToday, and late-breaking production news
  • In English and Spanish for starters

Coming this fall:

  • Books covering a wide range of topics
  • All interactive and available anywhere on the planet

Just imagine…

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Ready… Set… Android!

Well, things are certainly heating up around here…

  1. My Google Nexus One is being delivered tomorrow
  2. We’ve set up our Google Android Market Developer Account
  3. TheProducer is pretty much ready to go for testing on Android 2.1

A special thanks goes out to the engineers at Adobe. We are using Flash CS5 / AIR 2.0 Android Packager (currently in private beta) to develop our apps. Hats off to those ladies and gents for spending countless hours building such a powerful software!

More to come in the next couple of a day… including a video!

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Android Invasion… Coming Soon!

We are working on an Android version of TheProducer & TheProducer (Lite Edition) debuting next week. Stay tuned!!!

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How Apple Sucker Punched Us…

Hi this is Lee checking in…. We’ve been really busy working on new features and dealing with a political war that we got caught in.

First things are first… FEATURES!

  1. Revamped Q&A - Screenshots coming soon… 
  2. More Apps… We are working on a couple of new publications/apps. More details from Harry coming soon…

The Unrighteous War… Over the last two weeks I’m sure most have heard about Apple’s rampage with their new iPhone OS 4.0 SDK Agreement. If not, basically they are saying they will be blocking any new app that are created with 3rd party tools (i.e. Unity3D, Appcelerator’s Titanium, Adobe’s Flash CS5 / AIR 2.0, etc…). If that was not enough, reading VentureBeat yesterday, it appears Apple will potentially block 3rd Analytics and Advertising as well.

How Apple has screwed us… This adversely affects the direction in which we were heading. I’ve been a part of the Adobe Flash CS5 & now the Adobe AIR 2.0 beta testing. Our first app, TheProducer (Lite Edition), was built using Flash CS5 and is live in the iTunes App Store. Shortly before the iPad was announced, we submitted the full edition of TheProducer for approval, and there she sits, “In Review” for nearly three weeks. We had almost finished an iPad version as well, that was, by the way, running very nicely on my iPad. My guess for the delay is probably because of Apple’s war on Flash and other 3rd party tools.

Needless to say, we are no longer developing any more iPhone / iPad apps anytime soon because of Apple’s close-minded, my-way-or-the-highway, stance towards developers. We like the highway. In fact, that highway has led us to start developing for the fastest growing mobile platform… Google Android OS!

Full speed ahead… From what it looks like, there is nothing we can do to change Apple’s mind. What they are doing now, will hurt their developer community down the road. For us, we are pursuing a NEW direction… Google Android!!! There is a plethora of Android OS devices (Motorola Droid, HTC Hero, etc…) currently on the market and in a couple of months the Android Tablets will arrive.

So far, I’m most impressed with the demo and specs of Notion Ink’s ADAM:

  • Android OS 2.0
  • 10.1” Pixel Qi touch screen
  • 1080p Video / 3.2 MP Camera (the camera swivels front/back… Skype!)
  • 16 hour battery for video playback

Now… just to get my hands on one of these ADAM’s or another Android device so I can test the Android version of TheProducer.

Stay tuned… more info coming shortly…

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Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.
Albert Einstein
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New app coming soon… TheProducer

At the end of February we released our first iPhone App: TheProducer (Lite Edition)… In the next week or so we are excited to release our second app: TheProducer.

This new version will include four (4) more sections:

  • Editing
  • Promotion
  • MediaToday
  • Resources

On top of the new content, we’ve added a ton more features:

  • Redesigned pages… more room to read the content.
  • Where I left off… remembers the page you were on when you leave the app and come back.
  • Feedback… an easy, integrated way for you to gives us your $0.02 on how we can improve the app.
  • Preferences… allows you to see your username and email address, as well as to clear it from the app.

We have a couple of more tweaks we will be making over the next few days, but we just wanted to give you a heads up on this new exciting release.